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 If you're ready to meet your dream forever man in the next 90 days, and manifest the type of love you feel Called for, I would love to meet you!

In this completely *Free* 60 min Soul Glamour Coaching session, we're going to:

1. Create your Dream Relationship Manifestation action plan to find where you need help, so you can become the most highly loved and adored woman you know in love, and meet the most compatible, relationship-worthy, high-value man of your dreams in the next 3 months.

2. Identify the PRIMARY subconscious programs preventing you from attracting the RIGHT healthy, high-caliber man for you.

3. Evaluate the way you're currently showing up in your love-life and find ONE THING you can take action with after the call.

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A deeply powerful hypnotic audio session recorded by Uma Ashanti, infused with Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, to induce a positive brainwave state and give your subconscious mind suggestions that will assist you over the coming days, weeks and months, in attracting the type of caliber man you can truly love, respect and trust for his MANLINESS & INTEGRITY, so you can relax and lean back into your Soul Beauty, and feel loved & adored for every inch of who you are, in the way your feminine DNA always KNEW you deserved...

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