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a chic fusion of transformative manifestation techniques and matchmaking wisdom, designed for You to effortlessly attract your forever ROCK. This isn't just about finding love; it's awakening the magnetic allure of your Soul Beauty and transforming your approach to dating & relationships at their core

your uniquely designed journey to dream romance starts here:

Soul Beauty,

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Manifest the man of your dreams relationship coaching program


How to meet The Most Compatible, Relationship-Worthy Man Of Your Dreams, Your ROCK, Who Makes You Feel So Safe, Loved & Adored For ALL Of You, And Cherishes And SPOILS You With The Way He Loves To Take Care Of You And The Way You FEEL, so you never have to Fear Being Triggered Again In Love.

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you deeply desire love because you were *born* to:

Forever MAN™

Introducing A Dream Relationship Manifestation Coaching Program That's                                To Work:


Soul Beauty,


increase your self-value & feel as worthy as a 100 cARAT *diamond* in love


master dating in a self-loving way that values ur deepest emotional essence & feminine dna

be seen, heard & got for every inch of ur true self & the deepest parts of you

relax into the safety of a healthy high-caliber man's true love for you

Maybe you KEEP attracting the SAME repeat of men where everything is all dreamy in the beginning.

It feels like you’ve finally found The One, only *he* ends up leaving you feeling like he doesn't ACTUALLY truly care about you when you needed him to the most...

But, part of you is sitting there overthinking what if it’s YOU that's the problem (and maybe *he* even told you that...)

If this is you, it's time to stop over analyzing whether you are right to feel the way you do OR whether you're overreacting because of your past and your insecurities...

You DON'T need to control your feelings better, you need to understand yourself better so you can TREAT yourself to the kind of real, deep and meaningful love you feel called for:

If you're Secretly Feeling Like This Forever Emotional Mess Who Needs To Hide & control Your Negative Feelings to Be Worthy Of Love...

with a man who treats you like a *diamond* & SPOILS you with the way he deeply cares about the way you feel

Soul Beauty,

That you're beautiful inside and out, you're kind and caring, intelligent, and feminine. 

You heart longs for the most beautiful relationship, family and man you could ever ask for... to experience Love deeply exactly the way your soul *KNOWS* you're meant to be so loved. For every inch of who you ARE, your REAL feelings to be deeply understood and GOT by your closest and most intimate life partner...

No one can see the deep sense of sadness and struggle you have been carrying because Love has felt so faraway and deeply missing all your life.

You know you should “love yourself” and stand by your feelings and do what you know is right in your heart when something doesn’t sit right with you. But when you feel triggered, everything goes out of the window:

You *logically* know you're  too worthy  to settle...

because you don't feel safe to believe in yourself...

Call In Your Dream Forever Man™ is the CHICEST, easiest way to go from secretly feeling like men have to PUT UP with your emotions

because of the way you react & question things when you feel insecure, to attracting the kind of high-caliber man who makes you feel warm and SAFE to express your most intimate feelings to and NEVER being made to feel wrong for the way you feel,

- in the next 3 months

Say goodbye to secretly feeling like...

You have *Bad Love Karma* and you're just not meant to have love, because you keep attracting low-quality men who love bomb you then leave you feeling unstable and confused

Having PANIC attacks that another 10 years will go by. and your love-life will just get even worse, you'll end up bitter and alone and it feels completely out of your control...

Believing you need to “love yourself first” and not want it as much before you are worthy of having Love, because you secretly feel 'codependent' for craving a Man so deeply.

Overanalyzing whether you're responding in the “correct” feminine way trying to appear emotionally unbothered and super chill because you're trying to hide your anxious feelings so you don't 'mess' things up, but it backfiring on you...

Soul Beauty, soul beauty, soul beauty...

Instead you'll...

& know how to clearly spot healthy masculine characteristics that make you feel safe, stable and so loved in the way that is deeply important to you so you can stop repeating the same cycle of men that make you feel like there’s something wrong with you, and instead make high-value choices that  protect your deepest, intimate emotional essence.

Re-process & re-encode the deep subconscious programs that you soaked up long ago, that have been keeping you stuck in repeating patterns in Love, so that you never have to secretly believe the Universe is punishing you again, or question if you need to put up with treatment that leaves you feeling worthless and emotionally & spiritually *ROBBED* !!  

that just feels soooo right & meant to be, you find true peace and happiness in even the small and boring things like drinking your coffee together or cooking asparagus! Your relationship has a powerful RIPPLE effect on you having the confidence to stand in your own power and be the woman you've always DREAMED of being.

Feel SO worthy of being treated in the way you’ve always dreamed of, with the type of warm and kind, strong high-value man who sees the BEST in you even when you feel at your worst, so you never have to secretly feel like you have to energetically BEG men to love you in the way you need, and overexplain and question your feelings but feel repeatedly emotionally alone and betrayed.

Forever MAN™

introducing the perfect dating method for Soulful, self-aware beauties

A 3 month Transformational 1-on-1 Coaching Program Designed To help you Step into your 100ct *Diamond* worth, and manifest an emotionally soul-fulfilling relationship with Your Dream forever Man where you feel SO loved, Adored & Cherished for Exactly who you ARE:

— Uma Ashanti,
Soul Glamour

The only thing standing between you and the kind of man your SOUL always knew your future hubby would be, is a PROVEN Dream Relationship Manifestation Process that uses Potent Science-Backed Manifestation Techniques that work directly with your subconscious mind, to naturally set you up to attract the type of caliber man you can truly love, respect and trust for his MANLINESS & INTEGRITY, so you can relax and lean back into your Soul Beauty, and feel loved & adored for every inch of who you are, in the way your feminine DNA always KNEW you deserved...


How your outdated definition of Love you soaked up long ago, has been unconsciously *setting* you up to repeat the same patterns and dynamics with men that retrigger your past trauma & unlovable wounds, so you can see how it is the Unworthy Operating System you’ve been ‘operating’ on, that is the common denominator in your relationships

(and NOT you/your lovableness).

You will start cultivating your DIAMOND self-worth in Love by re-wiring and re-encoding your Subconscious Mind so you can release the part of you who deeply believes love is just NOT meant for her, and step into the version of you who feels soooo worthy of being loved and adored, for exactly who she is, in the way you’ve always DREAMED of.

1. Rewire your Unworthy
*Operating System*: 


orever man:



Call in your

the #1 way to meet your dream man

I'm So Ready To Embody My 100ct *DIAMOND* Worth In Love →


Move out of being at effect in Love, to cause by creating a new relationship with your model of reality that has left you feeling hopeless and like there is something wrong with you in relationship to men, so you can see how POWERFUL you truly are at being able to consciously manifest a new reality for yourself, that right now feels ‘too good to be true’.

You will get out of the wrong ‘manifesting structure’ that has kept you in a Yo-Yo Love Life, forever in a loop of getting your hopes up for men where it feels all dreamy in the beginning and like you've finally found The One, but who then end up leaving you feeling even more hopeless when things dramatically fall apart...

You will see how Lovable you truly are without your Unworthy *lens* emotionally dominating you so you can take your true personal power back by understanding exactly what you need to do differently to attract the RIGHT relationship-worthy man for you and feel in control of manifesting your dream relationship.

2. Become the Conscious *Couture* Creator of your Dream Relationship:


Reclaim the parts of you who were made to feel unlovable, “too much”, wrong, and not good enough in the past, to start seeing yourself in a whole new light, so you understand what it is you specifically need in a man to feel SAFE for ALL of your True Self, and for your most intimate, emotional essence to feel deeply seen and GOT.

You will understand what makes you so magnetic and irresistible to the man of your dreams and why he will deeply desire to be with you.

EVEN if you’ve always secretly felt like this forever emotional mess that no one will be able to love, and you DON'T feel like you have everything all together in the way that you'd want in order to feel good enough and ready for him, you will feel WORTHY of calling him in NOW.

step into ur irrisistible soul beauty

3. Step into your Irresistible
Soul Beauty™ & feel SAFE
to be loved for ALL of you:


4. Qualify the Right Man for you & have the utmost Self-Loving Discernment with Men:

You will understand compatible masculine characteristics and successful relationship styles that make the most highly suited matches for you so you feel deserving of a healthy high-caliber man loving you for every inch of who you are, without having to secretly worry you’re not in an emotionally good place to date and if your deep desire for Love makes you unhealthy or codependent!

Instead you will feel the happiest and most confident in Love you’ve ever been, so you can approach dating feeling crystal clear on who a man MUST be for you to earn your true heart and trust.

You will be able to see clearly the not-so-obvious unhealthy, toxic male behaviors that set you up to repeat the same patterns that re-trigger your past wounds, lose your sense of self and leave you feeling *robbed*, and the RIGHT healthy, masculine men who are capable of providing the stability and emotional security of a long-term Forever relationship with you, in the way you specifically need.


attract high-quality dreamy dates

Embody a proven ‘Self Loving’ way of dating, with traditional Matchmaking principles that naturally SET you up to be with a man who treats you in the way you’ve always dreamed of, so you’re no longer just wishing and hoping with men.

You will learn the wrong way and the right way to online date, with the simplest swiping and messaging tweaks that set you up to easily meet well-suited, healthy, higher-caliber men, even on dating apps, by using them for just 20 minutes a day, to attract multiple high-quality dream dates.

You will practice being your own best matchmaker by 'Duty Dating' so that you can learn to truly trust your judgements and instincts to choose the most compatible man for you, without the illusion of being in a ‘Dating Desert’ and needing to put your emotional eggs in one basket.

You will confidently cruise through first dates and messaging in a way that PROTECTS yourself from getting your hopes up for low-quality men and matches that go nowhere, so you can effortlessly meet The One who is SO excited to get to know you, is READY for a marriage and family-orientated relationship with you, and wants all the same things you do.

5. Instantly Attract Dreamy High-Value Dates:


6. Upgrade your Falling in Love *Strategy*:

Naturally recalibrate your chemistry, emotions, and butterflies around men to match the Love & Attraction your soul knows you’re so worthy and deserving of, so that you keep yourself safe from getting entangled with men who will make you second-guess the way you feel, are UNable to deeply understand you, or truly care about you when you deeply need him to the most.

You will upgrade the subconscious *lens* and internal filters that affect your model of chemistry/attraction and the way you see men, so you can recognize the difference between the healthy, soul-fulfilling evolution of True Dream Love, and the yoyo dopamine-rush of lovebombing, with men who only end up leaving you feeling even more of a mess and like you’ll never be able to trust yourself again, when things dramatically fall apart...

You will start caring about *him* truly EARNING you by the way he CONSISTENTLY treats you and proves to you he is worthy of your heart, instead of giving yourself *easily* away to the wrong men for the sake of chemistry, without knowing whether this is long-lasting True love beyond the passion and excitement.

You will naturally increase your self-worth from upgrading your subconscious attraction strategy, so you are so *busy* caring about who a man is TRULY going to be FOR you, to attract the man who treats you like a DIAMOND, and for you to be able to look up and realise he's the *FINEST* man in the world to you :)


lean back into your feminine soul beauty

Integrate the different ‘Unworthy’ parts of you that are subconsciously driving the show with men, with the energy you're secretly leading with, so you’re no longer emotionally DISTRACTED by your anxiety, overthinking and confusion, trying to be good enough AND not too much, all at the same time, to earn a man’s love.

Instead, you’ll feel emotionally *FREE* to lean back into your Soul Beauty and show up for yourself in Love in the way you need, to be able to clearly evaluate whether he is a truly well-suited match and if this is True Lasting Love beyond the Attraction phase that is going to KEEP growing and get even better and better and better like a sweet old couple forever on their honeymoon...!

Your energy will ignite the RIGHT man’s gut level *Provider-Protector* attraction for you that has him pursuing you, dying to tie you down and WORSHIP you with the way he treats you, without you having to secretly prompt or GET him to be a certain way for you.

This will allow you to be 100% confident in the visible AND invisible relationship dynamic you share with him, INSURING yourself from possible future resentments, mistrust in how much you actually mean to him, and feeling emotionally betrayed, used and *ROBBED* later on when the honeymoon has worn off and he doesn’t actually seem invested.

7. Lean Back into your Soul Beauty: your personal Love-Life *Insurance*


8. Relax into your Feminine Aura
& LET Men Earn Your Heart:

LET him EARN your trust with who he shows you he consistently is, through observing the absolutely non-negotiable qualities in a man that ENSURES he wants the same things as you and is deeply energetically invested in building a life and forever relationship with you.

You will be fully embodied in your natural feminine synergy to the kind of masculine man you WANT to be with, so you can set yourself up to effortlessly call in a man you deem of absolute integrity in who he is;

Who’s manliness makes you feel SAFE to truly RELAX within yourself because you can deeply love, respect & trust the type of man he is and the way he deeply loves you right back, is supportive of you in the way you need, and effortlessly takes the lead in your relationship and shared life together.

You will naturally have it ALL in Love whilst completely *relaxed* into 100% of your most YOU aura so you can feel so peaceful and safe within yourself, without ever feeling like you have to work hard to explain yourself, nag, or *fight* to be understood and MAKE thing happen, because you have attracted the masculine ‘grounded’ secure Setting that is the perfect fit to your Feminine *DIAMOND* Brilliance.


9. Ascend through the stages of Dating feeling SAFE & Secure:

Know how to effectively navigate each phase of dating, attraction and the natural evolution of healthy true love that all relationships must go through, so you can ultimately trust your judgements and instincts that you are sooooo right and meant for each other, and you feel safe and secure in EVERY cell of your soul and every strand of your feminine DNA, that you're in the RIGHT relationship for you.

You will *install* new, worthy, behavior patterns into your subconscious, so you can show up to love situations as the most confident version of you, and release any panic, anxiety, disappointment, fear of loneliness and getting disheartened by the way a man is showing up for you and making it mean something about you...

You will be able to maintain your energy of expecting the BEST outcome in your Love-Life and remain unshakably grounded in your self-worth and belief that love is your birthright and of course you absolutely GET to meet the man of your dreams, no matter what is happening.

You will feel so secure having a Self-Loving Dating protocol that finally makes sense to your heart, as well as all the potent manifestation techniques that work directly with your subconscious mind so that you know you can re-process and re-encode ANY resistance and uncomfortable emotions that come up along the way to manifesting True Love, rather than letting them *trip* you up when you feel triggered.

feel safe, secure, grounded & worthy


Heal the unworthy ways of seeing yourself, your needs and emotions, in relationship to men, so that you can feel healthy, NORMAL and loveable for the way you uniquely feel, and be grounded in your personal power and feminine equity in Love.

You will be able to embody your standards and boundaries (your energetic Red Carpet Rope) to easily put self-love FIRST, before any man, in a way that make you MORE soft, loving and desirable with the right man for you.

AND you will also be able to have the self-belief to walk away when your instincts and nagging feelings don't sit right with you.

You will manifest the type of energy and treatment you DO want from men, so that you are courted in all the right ways that make you feel high-value, prioritized and deeply desired, with how he is consistently showing up for you, SPOILING you, and courting you with dates, calls, and messages, and initiating all the major steps, in the way you need to feel important to him.

You won’t ever have to be in the position of TRYING to appear  chill and unbothered when deep down you feel the opposite because he isn’t treating you in the way you’d hope...

Or have to overthink what to say to clarify your feelings and question what he really means and whether that’s okay or not...

Instead, you will know how to trust your intuition and process your feelings, so that you feel safe to make the RIGHT relationship choices for yourself.

10. Embody your *RED CARPET ROPE*for emotional intimacy & elegance:


Safely and *elegantly* express your everyday feelings and needs with men, having the utmost self-love and integrity for yourself and the way you feel, so you can relax into your dream relationship without having to walk a tight rope of fearing messing it up, being triggered into past self-destructive patterns… or it *poof* vanishing when you try to tell him how you feel !

You will set yourself up to naturally attract the type of deeply fulfilling relationship that will compound and appreciate for decades to come, where you won't ever have to overexplain your feelings, give *him* your ‘this isn’t good enough’ speech in the hope he will then step up, or try and appear unbothered about your feelings and the things that deeply matter to you...

I'm So Ready To Meet The Man of My Dreams →

Communication & Commitment:

self-love & emotional elegancy


no. 01

1.5 hr Weekly Luxury Coaching Sessions

A safe, LOVING, zero judgment, emotionally-sensitive and empathetic space for you to share your heart and what's raw & real and going on for you in love.

Be coached with powerful questioning, intuitive guidance and potent manifestation techniques that work directly with your subconscious mind to accelerate your Forever Transformation into stepping into your Truest Worthiest Self

no. 02

Unlimited Daily Message Support

Have unlimited coaching, advice & support over WhatsApp (me in your pocket as often as you need) to ask any questions and process emotions & negative thoughts as they come up, so you can transform Unworthy patterns *tripping* you up and show up to any situation feeling embodied in your 100ct *Diamond* worth.

no. 03

LoveWork Assignments

Weekly luxury inner-work exercises and potent journaling questions to get the answers and clarity you need from your soul, to step into an expanded self-awareness and understanding of your True Worthy Self, so you know how to operate from *this* place to create the FOREVER results & changes you want.

"he came to me the next day with a bunch of red roses"

"Feel that a part of my vision board already unfolded. I wanted to manifest a relationship with someone my type and he is 100% my type."

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vanessa found a partner that makes her feel like he loves her for her:

"She changed the trajectory of my life, Forever... It was definitely magical... She helped me bloom into me, feel great about myself and supported the desires in my heart. I cannot rave more about Uma. She's absolutely perfect"

Next Review

Take advantage of these Advanced Science-Backed Manifestation Techniques that will STRIP yourself of the limiting beliefs and subconscious encoding that is keeping you feeling like you’re just NOT meant to have Love, and re-encode your mind with your Magnetic Diamond Self-Worth to attract the most well-matched, relationship-worthy, high-caliber man the Universe has for you, and manifest the type of forever relationship that will have you PINCHING yourself.

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She changed the trajectory of my life, Forever

vanessa found a partner that loves her for her:

“I found a partner that makes me feel like he loves me FOR ME - not for who I can be for him!

Soon after the course: I booked a trip to BALI (by myself, for myself, in honor of myself). I got a new apartment in a safe and beautiful neighborhood. I found a PARTNER that makes me feel like he loves me FOR ME - not for who I can be for him!

“You made me feel safe and unjudged and I find that soooo hard to do with people, normally takes me a long time if ever.

Absolutely loving our sessions. They really help me to delve into myself. I work through the questions Uma sends me which really help to understand myself and my fears better. Uma's approach is friendly, non judgemental, empathetic and understanding.

i feel like it's the therapy for my soul i've needed for a long time

"i found a side of me i didn't know i had"

“I'm just so emotional with happiness as this time last year I was sooooo upset with my relationship and now I'm really starting to love myself and know that I'm enough

she helped me bloom into me

if you secretly feel like love is something you just *cannot* have, you're in the right place:



You deeply want your dream forever love more than anything, but worry you’re not emotionally and mentally in a good and healthy place to date and you’ll mess it up because you don't trust your emotional reactions.


You're doubting if you’ll ever be able to have a real relationship and have someone truly love you after the f'ed up dopamine rush of *that* toxic mess...


You would love to find someone that brings you peace but you don’t know what’s simply healthy and what isn’t, and you’re scared you’ll just attract a repeat, and will be love bombed again because you don’t trust your judgements to choose the right person.


You are tired of people telling you when you stop looking for him, he’ll find you. No one can see your deep sadness and struggle of feeling chronically alone and like you’re just not *allowed* to have love.


You are putting yourself out there on dating apps and girls nights out, but dates and matches go nowhere and you’re secretly scared you’re going to end up bitter and alone because you've suffered all your life in Love.


You try to express the way you feel to men but even though they apologize, it still doesn’t sit right with you so you forever overanalyze if it’s you overreacting, and question if you are right to feel that way...


You feel judged and invalidated when you open up about your past, and viewed like you're damaged and there’s something wrong with you, when all you want is your closet person to understand you.


You are questioning what is it about you and the energy you’re putting out there, because you deep down know you’re deserving of a good man and meant for so much more, but all you seem to keep attracting is low-quality men.

I'm READY To Create My Pivotal Moment In Love →

Call In Your Dream Forever Man™  is the Secret to leaving the f’ed up, yo-yo dopamine rush of Toxic Relationships in the *DUST*, so you can treat your self-worth in love as if you were dealing a 100carat Diamond to attract Your ROCK, The One who wants to build something REAL, deep and meaningful with you beyond just the initial Chemistry and passion.

you're about to Unlock Traditional Matchmaking Secrets To Having Your REAL Feelings Be Deeply Understood, *protected* And Cherished By A Healthy Masculine Man who makes you feel so held and got in life:

With Call In Your Dream Forever Man, you'll have AMNESIA with the way you used to approach love from a place of shaming and blaming yourself for being 'too much' with the way you feel, and viewing yourself through the lens of all those things your ex said about you…

FORGET second-guessing and accepting the hurtful things *he* says and does that don’t sit *quite* right in your heart, because you don't feel worthy enough to be treated in the way you WANT to be.

Or trying to ‘fix’ yourself and GETTING him to love you more from a place of feeling like you don’t have it all perfectly together yet, and you're not the version of ‘good enough’ you think you have to be…

I know that you're wondering, is it even possible to meet a man who will love you for you and fully be there for you in the way you deeply need, EVEN when you express your negative and painful feelings...

you're about to skip 10 levels ahead from the version of you who used to settle for men that don’t ultimately care about the way you deep down feel when you truly need him to the most...

The REAL test of a successful, deeply soul-fulfilling relationship is HOW much your man deeply and freely WANTS to cherish and take care of your HONEST and REAL feelings, just as much as you deeply crave for your most intimate emotional essence to feel SO SAFE, cherished, and FREE to be ALL of you.

The RIGHT healthy, masculine man for you is DEEPLY attracted to this most potent truest YOU energy. He WANTS to take care of you and, be your ROCK and HERO  in the way you need and desire, and you're about to learn exactly how to meet him because he is looking for you too.

Your true power in love is stepping into absolute integrity with your TRUE Self:

and trusting ALL of your real feelings as WORTHY of being the amazing director of your Dream Relationship so that you can effortlessly attract the kind of partner who can provide the level of love your SOUL commands.

Ascending into this powerful magnetic part of you where you don’t even need to try to be anyone or do anything to KEEP the kind of man that you can truthfully respect and trust as MANLY enough for your feminine essence, allows you to NEVER have to question yourself for the way you feel and fear being abandoned for telling him your negative feelings, again.

CALL IN YOUR DREAM FOREVER MAN is Self-Actualization...

I'm SO Ready To Meet Him! →

Let's Get To Know Each Other →

Once upon a time, I was working in Couture fashion in London, dating and partying every weekend at all the *It* clubs, and regularly speaking to psychics to try and figure out if that guy was *the one*.

Inside I was so depressed, burnt out and having daily panic attacks. I felt soooo lost and stuck in who I was, and like this FRAUD.

I was secretly waiting for Love to *THEN* feel happy because deep down I felt so unlovable.

I just assumed I wasn’t meant to have Love and be happy because I grew up with an abusive father who would regularly tell me things like I was born with a defect. I was psychotic and needed to be locked up in a mental institution.

I would get a dog’s funeral because I was going to end up alone and I was nothing more than a wh*re to the men I dated, and for years I struggled with trying *not* to believe how my relationship with my father deep down made me feel - that there was something massively wrong with me.

uma ashanti, soul glamour coach

I could never have dreamed of the journey my life was taking me to…

I knew in my heart I needed to change my life and get away from the abusive family situation I was in, and commit to truly believing in myself after spending a lifetime of people pleasing, listening to everyone's judgements and criticism, and secretly believing the abusive things my father would tell me.

I took a leap of faith and booked a 1 way ticket to Bali to follow my dreams with $2000 and 2 suitcases to my name, no security or back up plan as to how i was going to make it work, just massive faith and determination to create a life that was true to myself, and never look back.

I manifested the opportunity to train as a Matchmaker and work for one of LA’s top matchmakers online, whilst also creating my dream Self Love coaching practice, Soul Glamour.

But I was carrying so much childhood trauma that manifested in one abusive relationship after another.

In 2016 I hit rock bottom & woke up in hospital after accidentally taking an overd*$e

i booked a one way ticket to Bali...

My True Love
success story

For years I struggled with CPTSD, feeling like my life wasn’t worth living and having a self-harm relationship with myself.

I was in and out of emotionally and physically abusive relationships that left me feeling even more of the way my father did - that there was something wrong with me for the way I felt, and I was this unlovable *ugly* person deep down.

I became determined to learn how to have healthy Dream Love, even though it felt like I just was NOT meant to have Love no matter what.

- uma ashanti

I secretly believed i was being *punished* for cutting ties with my father, and I was this forever f'ed up emotional mess that was doomed in Love

kind words

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

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soul glamour

I wanted to be with someone who wasn't going to make me feel judged or criticized for my past and make me feel too much.

I started combining everything I learnt from matchmaking and my own Self Love journey to create my own unique way of dating that allowed me to recognize the RIGHT man for me and start choosing men from a place of self-love.

💋💄Within 3 months of dating in this *new* way, I manifested the most amazing, meant-to-be relationship I could have ever asked for, and met Patrick - exactly the type of man that I had always dreamed of, that was everything on my dream love list and soooo much more.

I now get to travel the world with the man of my dreams and live my best life together in Bali, with someone I can confide my true feelings with, who makes me feel soooo cherished, respected, understood, and validated for me, my past, my dreams, my biggest fears and self-doubts, and who always sees the best in me, supports me in my dreams and makes me feel so SAFE and taken care of to be all of my true self.💃👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🙋🏽‍♀️

I couldn't be happier :)

I dreamed of a soulmate kind of love since I was 13: 

it's time to leave your past in the *dust* & create your dream love legacy:

your manifesting and self-love bestie

You are ALLOWED For  Dream Love to mean the world to you without  having to be at this “perfect” Self Love Place.

I'm So Ready To Create My Dream Love Legacy →

Being SO deeply in love with a man you really respect and admire, and he loves you JUST as deeply right back. He's your ROCK and feels SO manly to you in a way that makes you feel soooo safe and protected to relax and finally be ALL of you.

I'm Ready To Meet The Man Of My Dreams →

Imagine Your Dream Man Telling You He Will Always Be There For You:

And you KNOWING in every inch of your Soul that he means EVERY word. Even in the types of situations where people hurt and abandoned you the most in the past….

Waking up everyday in your dream man's arms, kissing and holding you, telling you how much he loves you, and going to make you coffee while you lay in bed, as your everyday normal routine, feeling sooooo meant to be for each other, you don't even need to question it...

Feeling SAFE to open up to your man and talk about the way you feel and the things that matter to you, like your past, your dreams, doubts, failures and challenges, and him being there for you on your best, normal AND worst days, knowing you don't have to fear messing things up or be made to feel low about yourself.

He's your HERO who understands and GETS you, and sees the BEST in you, where others have been committed to making you feel your worst. He WANTS to support you and deeply make YOU happy.

Feeling like you broke the biggest *SPELL* and you can truly breathe a sigh of relief. You're no longer in SURVIVAL & trauma mode. You're the HAPPIEST you've ever been, and feel peaceful and safe to be yourself and finally THRIVE as the woman you’ve always DREAMED of being.

Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

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We have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee up until you’ve completed your first 2 coaching sessions. If you are not completely satisfied after 2 full coaching sessions, you may email and request a full refund, on an absolutely no questions asked basis. After that, we do not accept cancellations or refunds. 


money back guarantee


What’s your refund policy?

We have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee up until you’ve completed your first 2 coaching sessions.  If you are not completely satisfied after 2 full coaching sessions, you may email and request a full refund. After that, we do not accept cancellations or refunds. We vow to provide you with a coaching service and experience so impeccable and chic you will not need to visit this page !! However, if you have any questions throughout the program you are always welcome to discuss them, so that I can assist you in ensuring you're so happy with everything you're getting.

Do you have any payment plans?

Yes - you can choose to pay either in full, or sign up for the 4 monthly installment payment plan. You do save the most overall if you pay in full, but the payment plan option is amazing for paying for the program over time with ease. Just keep in mind that you are not signing up for a subscription when you join, but you are agreeing to making these payments over the agreed upon period of time. We do not accept cancellations or refunds after the two session grace period. If you would like to consider joining on a custom payment plan, we are absolutely flexible - just email to discuss and we will get this set up for you and send you a custom link to join.

What happens after I pay?

Congrats on taking a leap of faith in your worthiness for Love! I am so excited to support you and see you call in the man of your dreams! You will be sent a client intake form and contract for you to fill in and sign. The client intake form is the first part of your metaphysical transformational experience. A chance for me to get to know you before our sessions start and for you to step into a more expansive energy, self-reflect and give yourself permission to truly dream big and get clarity on what you want to create for yourself in this coaching container. You will be able to schedule your first coaching session, and have immediate private message support access with me to share whatever’s on your heart to support you until our first session together.

You are welcome to do this program alongside therapy and I welcome any collaborations with your therapist should you wish (as I am not a licensed mental health practitioner and coaching is not a replacement for therapy). This is an emotional trauma-sensitive program with a highly empathetic approach that will acknowledge any trauma you have had to go through so that you can release any uncomfortable emotions, thoughts and beliefs you may be carrying from past painful experiences.

You will get clarity on what it is you need to feel emotionally safe in Love and thrive within your Truest self, so that you don't have to fear being triggered in those same ways again. Call In Your Dream Forever Man will also give you the dating and relationship tools to know how you can protect those deeper *vulnerable* parts of you by recognizing emotionally safe and trustworthy people for you, and learning how to embody the right boundaries and standards for yourself.

There is absolutely no ‘perfect’ or ‘ready’ place that you need to be before you start the program and are able to meet the most compatible man for you and have the relationship of your dreams. No matter how you feel about yourself, no matter what has happened in your love life so far, or how you’ve been judged in the past, know that you’re so worthy and deserving of feeling safe, loved and adored for ALL of you.

The only requirement to do this program is that you deeply desire learning how to have the most successful fulfilling relationship you could ask for, and you WANT to attract High-Quality, Healthy, Dream love! 

I'm focusing on {insert getting my ish together goal}...then I'll join...

I understand what it feels like to feel like you don’t have it ALL perfectly together in the way you’d like so you can then feel good enough to meet *him*. You’re welcome to join whenever you’re ready but just know WHY the man of your dreams will absolutely love and adore you and deeply want to spend the rest of his life with you won’t be because of your weight, success or whatever other reason/mess you feel is holding you back as to why you can't have love now.

He will want you for YOU and the energy you bring.

You may have learnt in the past your lovableness and worth comes from the things that you don't feel quite 'ready' or 'there' yet. Call In Your Dream Forever Man will connect you back to your Soul Beauty and the You who has ALWAYS been whole, worthy and lovable.

The question is do you WANT to work towards attracting love now even though things don't feel perfect, or do you WANT to take the time to focus on you without the pressure of dating? (There’s no right or wrong answer except giving yourself permission for what you TRULY want.)

I want to meet someone but how can I ever trust someone again if everyone who’s ever been close to me has betrayed me?

I worry I'm not in a good place to date, can I still join?

I understand, and I’m so sorry that you've had to go through that. Call In Your Dream Forever Man will help you get clear on what emotionally safe and trustworthy people look life for you, what you NEED to feel safe in Love, and how you can recognize and discern emotionally healthy men who align with your values and needs, and your own sense of integrity.

You will also learn ways to let people *EARN* your trust in a way that protects you from getting entangled with the wrong man again, and keeps yourself safe from being betrayed in the ways that are important to you, so you can meet someone who you can truly respect and trust his love for you. 

We will give you the tools to re-calibrate with your own innate guidance system so you can trust yourself to make the RIGHT choices for yourself. You will confidently be able to choose a partner that reflects your highest interests, so you can relax and feel safe in your dream relationship, knowing the man of your dreams has your back because of the way he makes you feel so protected, taken care of, and deeply invested in you.

I hear what you're saying, that you're wondering how this can work for you, and I wonder if that part of you that’s still reading this *knows* deep down that of course she GETS to have Love, she just hasn't had the right inner tools and resources to know HOW to meet the right man, and how to truly value and honor her REAL worth in Love.

And as you read this page, you’re probably starting to imagine yourself having the kind of relationship you never truly believed was possible for you. You’re starting to let yourself open up to the idea that having a man TRULY love you in a way that you’ve never been loved for you before, IS possible no matter what has happened in the past and no matter what you secretly fear about yourself right now…

Know that you deeply want love because you're MEANT to have your dream relationship, and the process of calling in the most aligned man for you, is self-love.

I know what it feels like for love to feel so faraway and impossible, and  I wonder what that part of you that has struggled in Love all her life, what is HER highest intention?

What does she need to feel SAFE to open herself up to believing this CAN happen for her?

Would you feel more safe and confident being supported with science-backed manifestation techniques that work directly with your subconscious mind to help you completely transform old negative thought patterns, beliefs, and uncomfortable emotions that have been *tripping* you up and keeping you stuck in a reality where it feels like you just CAN'T have love, so that you can easily and effortlessly step  into the part of you who *knows* deep down she has always been SO worthy of love, in exactly the way she's always envisioned it...?

So you can show up to your love life, BEING the version of you, the woman you've always DREAMED of being. As well as being supported with matchmaking wisdom that is also scientifically supported, and specifically designed to SET you up to attract the type of relationship you dream of?

I’ve struggled in love all my life so how is this going to work for me?

Of course queen! You can schedule a call with me here

Can I chat with you first to see if this is right for me?

wondering if call in your dream forever man™ WILL WORK FOR YOU?

Would you feel more confident with a  plan to help you  meet your dream forever man in the next 90 days, and manifest the type of love you feel Called for? I would love to meet you!

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confidence and Soul Beauty as a Woman, and your ability to live the life of your DREAMS.

warning: don't let the wrong man devalue your diamond self-worth again...

Call In Your Dream Forever Man is the difference between BETTING on yourself yet again in Love, as if you were making risky *investments* with someone who claims they've created the next Bitcoin and you deeply hoping and praying THIS is the thing that makes you rich, but not seeing how it could actually DRASTICALLY damage your self-value and take years of healing, actual financial damage and inner-work to build back up again...

OR treating your Self-Worth & Soul Beauty as precious, highly valuable equity, that if strategically invested in the right relationship, will keep compounding and appreciating for DECADES to come, in the very predictable ROI you will be reaping the benefits from in your personal self-confidence, your emotional vitality and you living the life of your DREAMS.

Because honestly, the truth is, healthy successful relationship dynamics are a SKILL that no one has ever taught you or healthily modeled to you, for you to know how to value your Self Worth and emotional needs in Love.

You've already settled enough in Love, haven't you? So does it make sense to leave this most highly intimate, precious and impactful area of your life, to your LIFE-LONG learned Unworthy Subconscious operating system that has so far kept you stuck in a repeating reality of what you DON'T want?

How many precious years of your 30s are you RISKING?

Relax into your Dream Relationship without having to ever overexplain your feelings, give *him* your ‘this isn’t good enough’ speech in the hope he will then step up, or try and appear “chill” and unbothered about the things that deeply matter to you.

it's your time to

woman in love

you are being called to become the most highly

If you're ready to manifest the type of energy and treatment you DO want from men, so that you are courted in all the right ways that make you feel high-value, prioritized and deeply desired, with how he consistently shows up for you, pursuing you with dates, calls, and messages, and initiating all the major steps in your dream relationship, in the way you need to feel important to him click below to accelerate your True Love Manifestation:

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