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How your outdated definition of Love you soaked up long ago, has been unconsciously *setting* you up to repeat the same patterns and dynamics with men that retrigger your past trauma & unlovable wounds, so you can see how it is the Unworthy Operating System you’ve been ‘operating’ on, that is the common denominator in your relationships

(and NOT you/your lovableness).

You will start cultivating your DIAMOND self-worth in Love by re-wiring and re-encoding your Subconscious Mind so you can release the part of you who deeply believes love is just NOT meant for her, and step into the version of you who feels soooo worthy of being loved and adored, for exactly who she is, in the way you’ve always DREAMED of.

1. Rewire your Unworthy
*Operating System*: 


orever man:



Call in your

the #1 way to meet your dream man

I'm So Ready To Embody My 100ct *DIAMOND* Worth In Love →

That you're beautiful inside and out, you're kind and caring, intelligent, and feminine. 

You heart longs for the most beautiful relationship, family and man you could ever ask for... to experience Love deeply exactly the way your soul *KNOWS* you're meant to be so loved.

For every inch of who you ARE, your REAL feelings to be deeply understood and GOT by your closest and most intimate life partner...

No one can see the deep sense of sadness and struggle you have been carrying because Love has felt so faraway and deeply missing all your life.

You know you should “love yourself” and stand by your feelings and do what you know is right in your heart when something doesn’t sit right with you.

But when you feel triggered, everything goes out of the window:


because you don't feel safe to believe in yourself...

— Uma Ashanti,
Soul Glamour

The only thing standing between you and the kind of man your SOUL always knew your future hubby would be, is a PROVEN Dream Relationship Manifestation Process that uses Potent Science-Backed Manifestation Techniques that work directly with your subconscious mind, to naturally set you up to attract the type of caliber